Jack Adams No 1874 Jock Strap Red XL

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Jack Adams No 1874 Jock Strap Red for men. Size extra large fits waist 36 inches to 38 inches. The wide waistband, a staple of this retro style jock has been improved. Jack Adams made it a full 3.0 inches and includes a softness missing from the jock strap of the past.&nbsp; Even the rear straps have been widened giving greater support along with a nice lift&nbsp; the wide waistband and rear straps provide a snug fit&nbsp; and durability needed for a hard work out on and off the field. Made of 70% Polyester, 15% Cotton and 15% Rubber.<span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small;"><br /></span>


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